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on Jan 31st 2005

I spent last week in an XML intro class at Learning Tree. Which means I spent last week cooped up in a room with 20 other people with long breaks that weren’t quite long enough to leave for lunch. Which means I knitted like mad day in and day out for four days. I finished […]

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The Cure at Troy

on Jan 26th 2005

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Old Shale

on Jan 24th 2005

After hemming and hawing over and frogging of a few feather and fan-like patterns, I’ve settled on this lovely version of Old Shale for Tchula’s scarf. Frogging mohair sucks. And blows. And I made the mistake of trying to knit new-to-me lace at guild while taking Benadryl. Dumb, yes, but I’m not sure I can […]

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17 of 100 Things

on Jan 21st 2005

1. I am either the younger of two kids, the second of four, the second of five, or the second of six, depending on how you look at my family. My step-sister and my half-brother are exactly the same age and have never met each other. I’m not sure they know each other’s names. I […]

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Broken things

on Jan 20th 2005

Mikele’s spinning wheel was lightly abused before it came to me. I am trying to rehabilitate her so she will know she is safe. I was also spinning a lot over the weekend, having learned that a friend had finally died of metastatic breast cancer after a few horribly painful weeks. I spun a half-pound […]

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Better, faster, smoother

on Jan 15th 2005

That woman who was so bad at spinning who posted the other day–I don’t know who that was. She was too scattered and distracted to be good at spinning. Me, I spun a full bobbin of good looking yarn yesterday after work. Slubby, but strong and relatively fine. I was a spinning-fool, soon to become […]

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on Jan 14th 2005

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Mockety Mock Mock Mock

on Jan 12th 2005

I got what I thought was a feather and fan pattern on the web and started knitting up the scarf for Tchula, but there was no feather and fan. There was only a not-particularly-interesting lace staring up at me, mocking me. And in mohair, no less, which is not fond of the frogging. So I […]

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Hate is a strong word

on Jan 8th 2005

Everyone said I would love them. That they would help me knit faster, that they were kind to yarn, that they were light and strong and would last forever. I hate addi turbos. I do. I really can’t stand them. I knew I would never like them because they looked so cold in the package, […]

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Broken Books

on Jan 5th 2005

I run through books too fast. I finished A Dog Year last night, and returned to The Star Factory, which I have been trying to savor, rather than binge on. Carson has a love of language that is absolutely decadent. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I have also just about run through sock number one. Only the […]

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