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Red and black and ever blue

on Sep 29th 2010

I got myself the sort of (quite early) birthday present I always want, but would never ask for.  There’s just no way to send someone out to find the perfect handmade journal for me, you know? It was made by Kreativlink on Etsy. I got one of the larger format ones, since I like a […]

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Flavia deLuce

on Sep 23rd 2010

In and amongst my 12 books in 12 months reading, I’ve been wallowing in Alan Bradley’s two Flavia de Luce mysteries.  My Mom, an inveterate reader of mysteries, handed off her copies so we could titter over this hilarious new mystery heroine.  Flavia is a 10 year old English girl who happens to be obsessed […]

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Who wants a tour?

on Sep 22nd 2010

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks measuring and cataloging and giving some serious consideration to all of my supplies and tools here in my sweatshop studio.  I officially have an embarrassment of riches, my friends.  I knew that before I started, but now that I have a handy spreadsheet with all of the details […]

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A Mercy by Toni Morrison

on Sep 20th 2010

I decided to read this first because I love Morrison so.  I have the book on paper, but when I saw there was an audiobook version read by the author, I went with that.  I loved the book, but I am not so sold on Dr.  Morrison reading the audiobook herself.  I love her readings–I’ve […]

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Just let me show you–

on Sep 13th 2010

Socks for Scott, in Sanguine Gryphon Eidos.  The colorway is Simonides.  I improvised the stitch pattern, and really like how these turned out. A modified Baby Surprise Jacket for our friends’ baby CW, who is still in utero. That’s Sundara sock yarn in “Live with Harmony,” which seems auspicious. His current due date is Scott’s […]

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Mini reviews

on Sep 1st 2010

Let’s play catch up! I’ve done a lot of reading over the last many months, but not really talked about it. Starting with things that have been sitting in that list of books on the left . . . Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman. Yes indeedy, I am officially one of those obsessive Gaiman fans. I […]

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