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The Saga of this ludicrous coat: an Arts and Sciences entry

on Oct 14th 2018

I went to a local SCA event yesterday called “The Wild Hunt.”  They had a pair of A&S competitions, one of which intrigued me. “Best fix” was all about a correction or repair, and this coat fit the bill perfectly. My partner Alherin began using a Valsgärde 6 helmet for tourney fighting in the spring […]

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Transferring embroidery designs onto black fabric

on Jul 23rd 2016

I learned how to embroider as a child, and it’s one craft that has stuck with me through my entire life.  For me, the biggest challenge of embroidery is transferring a design onto fabric–particularly dark fabric.  I cannot draw.  I don’t mean I’m not as good at drawing as I would like–I straight up can’t […]

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Studio tour

on Jun 5th 2012

After tearing the room apart and putting it back together again, I figured I should make a new studio tour video. Enjoy! I’ve been spending most of my free time in the garden this spring, and the mild weather here has been wonderful. I know it’ll end soon, but I’m struggling to soak up as […]

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Peering into the padded room

on Jan 25th 2012

Oh, how I meant to show you process photos of this project. But I dinna. Because. So, instead, I’ll give you peek into how messed up my process can be. If you don’t want to wade into the crazy, look at the pretty pictures and move along–no one will be the wiser. In short, I […]

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The Good Brother and other books

on Jan 19th 2011

The Good Brother by Chris Offutt I’m a huge fan of Chris Offutt’s work, which I was introduced to as a college student with a serious devotion to Appalachian Studies.  Knowing that Offutt has been focusing on writing for TV rather than churning out stories and novels for the last several years, I just help […]

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Nose to the grindstone

on Oct 11th 2010

In addition to tallying up and recording all of the pertinent information about my yarn and fabric stashes, I’m trying to finish a bunch of projects that I had started but never finished. I’m not promising to finish them all before I start any new ones, but having a spreadsheet of all of my works […]

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Red and black and ever blue

on Sep 29th 2010

I got myself the sort of (quite early) birthday present I always want, but would never ask for.  There’s just no way to send someone out to find the perfect handmade journal for me, you know? It was made by Kreativlink on Etsy. I got one of the larger format ones, since I like a […]

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