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It’s a Movement!

on Aug 23rd 2005

The Hoghead, hatted: And prepared for the krotchpunting.  He must be wearing the Green Boot.  Yes yes, he must. We can tell that your knee is laughing Samir, and we are not pleased.  Perhaps the Green Boot is destined for you?  Or perhaps, since you have obviously toiled under the (delicately embroidered, silk and linen, […]

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Fickle felt

on Jul 23rd 2005

Another cranial creation complete.  But it is smaller than we intended.  Or smaller than we thought we intended.  It will serve some purpose well, though it will likely be replicated.  And not in a Blade Runner kind of way.  Ultuna:  heah.Feltuna: We are almost off to the big P.  Prepare to have your skulls measured, […]

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Mad Hatters: Seeking Employment

on Jun 30th 2005

Is this thing on? Some folks–a potter in particular–want hats, but we’ve hatted everyone bold enough to ask for a hat and careful enough to submit their head measurements. Which is sad, considering there are as yet only four bona-fide members of our shadowy tribe. Think of our safety, here: folks who knit large wool […]

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Third delivery

on Jun 5th 2005

Aes, hatted: And bouncing gleefully: Nemesis approves: But of course , he would.  Mad-Hatter the first needs a new project.  In the meantime, call me Lanea Magya.  Whoever can tell me what that means gets a prize, unless of course you were with shadowy hatted ones and our companion who came up with it.  Then […]

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On Point

on May 31st 2005

Another hat, but taller. And slightly freaky.  Awaiting delivery and blocking.

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We Deliver

on May 11th 2005

Olwyn has a spirally felt hat.  I wasn’t sure who it was for until I saw her at Sheep and Wool.  It fits well.  Good thing she has a thick wool felt hat in time for summer. I will find evidence of her inclusion in this shadowy organization soon.

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Heads on Fire!

on Apr 23rd 2005

This guy needs a protective felt headcovering. One man in Kansas has a new protective felt headcovering: Luckily, dear Hoghead doesn’t look like a creepy creepy mannequin Steeleye and Lolo fished out of the Potomac.  This hat will make perfect sense to anyone who has studied their Heironymous Bosch.  Please, please let me not be […]

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Making strange things for strange heads

on Mar 9th 2005

This wiseguy gets it.  The Maus gets it.  What, you don’t get it? Wanna speed on the appearance of strange hats in your neighborhood? Mad hatter the first has one hell of a hat in her living room and another in the sneaky sneaky works, and a head full of amazing shapes blooming like flowers […]

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