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on Feb 28th 2013

I’m getting ready to head to Mississippi, and then I’ll be getting ready to head to Aigues Mortes, because my husband’s hobbies are even weirder than mine.  That’s saying something.  Also, I need to learn to speak French.  I can do that in a couple of months, right?  Errr.  Yeah. Apparently I’ll also need some 12th […]

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Gearing up

on Oct 15th 2012

I keep promising myself that I’ll cut back on unnecessary projects.  I mean, really, doesn’t everyone who wants a knitting wristlet already have one?  Why do I need to make hundreds more?  I don’t, do I?  But then I think of the eventual move, and how it would be best if I had less fabric […]

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on Oct 4th 2012

Autumn kicks my ass. Every. Damn. Year. It’s my favorite season, but it also has far too much going on. Here are some snippets to serve as placeholders until I can spend some quality time with my camera and Lightroom.  (I broke down and bought Lightroom, by the way.  Setting it up finally killed my […]

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on Aug 22nd 2012

So I was here, and then I was visiting Asheville, and then I was here again, and then we went on vacation, and now I’m back, but drowning in projects.  And books.  But the book I really want is missing.  And Speedwell . . . . Speedwell has finally cracked.  I’ll try to catch you […]

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Studio tour

on Jun 5th 2012

After tearing the room apart and putting it back together again, I figured I should make a new studio tour video. Enjoy! I’ve been spending most of my free time in the garden this spring, and the mild weather here has been wonderful. I know it’ll end soon, but I’m struggling to soak up as […]

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Missing winter

on Mar 1st 2012

This is one of the warmest winters I ever remember in Virginia, and I disapprove.  I heartily disapprove.  And apparently I’m demonstrating my disapproval by making blankets I don’t need.  I’ve worked on nothing but blankets for weeks, and yet I’m kicking off the quilt night after night, wishing for a hard freeze and snow […]

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Woolen wonderland

on Jan 10th 2012

Happy New Year, everyone. So, I was missing because I was busy, and I was missing because I thought I didn’t have anything much to say, and then I was missing because I was wallowing in wool. I got a rigid heddle loom. That loom plus my discomfort with our lack of winter weather plus […]

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Lettuce, looms, et al

on Sep 21st 2011

I’ve been knitting a fair amount on this second sock yarn blanket over the last couple of months. I’m trying to stick to a watery palette this time around, and I’m making garter squares rather than stockinette so this one will be warmer than Chesapeake. I’m also edging the squares in black. I love how […]

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And then a month slipped by . . .

on Apr 10th 2011

Things do slip away from me. Where were we . . . We went to Mississippi and had a fantastic time.  Lots of our friends were there, I gave out some presents, we sang a lot, the food we made was fantastic and we spent much less time laboring over meals, and we didn’t want […]

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Keeping a tally

on Feb 13th 2011

The sweatshop is in full swing.  I’ve been making clothes for living history, finishing knits for others, sorting scraps for projects, and updating the Big Bad Spreadsheet of Supplies.  When I started measuring and sorting and folding and organizing everything last fall, a few friends scratched their heads, and a few thought it sounded like […]

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