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The Saga of this ludicrous coat: an Arts and Sciences entry

on Oct 14th 2018

I went to a local SCA event yesterday called “The Wild Hunt.”  They had a pair of A&S competitions, one of which intrigued me. “Best fix” was all about a correction or repair, and this coat fit the bill perfectly. My partner Alherin began using a Valsgärde 6 helmet for tourney fighting in the spring […]

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Little gifts

on Dec 27th 2016

Between the puppy maturing and me adjusting to working from home, I ended up feeling the urge to churn out lots of little gifts this month.  This cowl is in cashmere silk merino, and it’s lovely. Some socks: A pile of hats: I made a bunch of potholders out of quilting cotton scraps: And several […]

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Reworking a vintage fur

on Nov 3rd 2016

Throughout history, people have worn a lot of fur.  When I make clothing for reenactment, I like to get as close as I can to the original pieces, but work within a budget and keep some modern sensibilities in mind.  I don’t object to using leather or hides from herd animals, particularly those we use […]

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Gearing up

on Oct 15th 2012

I keep promising myself that I’ll cut back on unnecessary projects.  I mean, really, doesn’t everyone who wants a knitting wristlet already have one?  Why do I need to make hundreds more?  I don’t, do I?  But then I think of the eventual move, and how it would be best if I had less fabric […]

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on Aug 22nd 2012

So I was here, and then I was visiting Asheville, and then I was here again, and then we went on vacation, and now I’m back, but drowning in projects.  And books.  But the book I really want is missing.  And Speedwell . . . . Speedwell has finally cracked.  I’ll try to catch you […]

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Studio tour

on Jun 5th 2012

After tearing the room apart and putting it back together again, I figured I should make a new studio tour video. Enjoy! I’ve been spending most of my free time in the garden this spring, and the mild weather here has been wonderful. I know it’ll end soon, but I’m struggling to soak up as […]

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Missing winter

on Mar 1st 2012

This is one of the warmest winters I ever remember in Virginia, and I disapprove.  I heartily disapprove.  And apparently I’m demonstrating my disapproval by making blankets I don’t need.  I’ve worked on nothing but blankets for weeks, and yet I’m kicking off the quilt night after night, wishing for a hard freeze and snow […]

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Peering into the padded room

on Jan 25th 2012

Oh, how I meant to show you process photos of this project. But I dinna. Because. So, instead, I’ll give you peek into how messed up my process can be. If you don’t want to wade into the crazy, look at the pretty pictures and move along–no one will be the wiser. In short, I […]

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Sweat Shop

on Oct 12th 2011

Every time I start to sew for a festival, I feel like I won’t make enough, and I’ll end up disappointing someone, and that really I should try to make some kind of dent in that huge fabric stash, and try to accomplish something already, for once.  Ahem. Before you ask, no, my Mom was […]

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Blue Murder

on Sep 22nd 2011

That’s a sneak peek of a project that’s coming. I developed a bit of an obsession working on the squares for my string quilt top, so I decided to just keep going and try to make a noticeable dent in the scrap baskets. I’ve been wanting to make larger knitting bags for a while, and […]

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