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Transferring embroidery designs onto black fabric

on Jul 23rd 2016

I learned how to embroider as a child, and it’s one craft that has stuck with me through my entire life.  For me, the biggest challenge of embroidery is transferring a design onto fabric–particularly dark fabric.  I cannot draw.  I don’t mean I’m not as good at drawing as I would like–I straight up can’t […]

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Clothing the Celts

on Jul 22nd 2006

There’s been a trend lately, wherein knitters take up sewing.  Lovely aprons and skirts and summery tops are popping up all over the blog-o-sphere.  Grand!  Which makes me think, maybe not all of the new stitchers have been given all of the secrets.   I started sewing costuming when I was 14.  By 16, I was […]

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