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on Jul 19th 2017

The Fyrdraca is a reproduction ship built in 1979 by the venerable Longship Company and sold to some intrepid kooks in 2003–it made its way to my friend Richard, and he still keeps her afloat after all this time.  I’m busy and happy and writing, and hoping some day soon to see her in person again after so […]

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Time gets away from me

on Jul 16th 2013

So we went to France for the Battle of Nations in May, and it was an amazing experience.  The US team members and support staff were absolutely wonderful.  The people of France were wonderful.  The other teams were wonderful.  I didn’t want to come back.  I did take thousands of pictures, of course.  And then I […]

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on Mar 20th 2013

I went to Mississippi again.  I had an excellent time teaching and promised to repeat the early period embroidery class this summer.  I adored camping and cooking with my friends.  I had a blast singing in the long hall and by the fireside, and finally performing a pair of companion pieces together, the way I […]

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on Feb 28th 2013

I’m getting ready to head to Mississippi, and then I’ll be getting ready to head to Aigues Mortes, because my husband’s hobbies are even weirder than mine.  That’s saying something.  Also, I need to learn to speak French.  I can do that in a couple of months, right?  Errr.  Yeah. Apparently I’ll also need some 12th […]

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on Oct 4th 2012

Autumn kicks my ass. Every. Damn. Year. It’s my favorite season, but it also has far too much going on. Here are some snippets to serve as placeholders until I can spend some quality time with my camera and Lightroom.  (I broke down and bought Lightroom, by the way.  Setting it up finally killed my […]

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on Aug 22nd 2012

So I was here, and then I was visiting Asheville, and then I was here again, and then we went on vacation, and now I’m back, but drowning in projects.  And books.  But the book I really want is missing.  And Speedwell . . . . Speedwell has finally cracked.  I’ll try to catch you […]

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on Apr 24th 2012

I’ve been doing what I do: writing, singing, gardening, camping, making things, cooking things. I keep meaning to tell you about it, but I haven’t managed to sit still for long enough until today. We went to Mississippi in March, and had a fantastic time with these folks and a lot of other friends. I […]

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Sweat Shop

on Oct 12th 2011

Every time I start to sew for a festival, I feel like I won’t make enough, and I’ll end up disappointing someone, and that really I should try to make some kind of dent in that huge fabric stash, and try to accomplish something already, for once.  Ahem. Before you ask, no, my Mom was […]

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Summer Camp

on Sep 15th 2011

What? It only took me a month.  It was a month that included an earthquake and a hurricane and some ludicrous flooding.  Ludicrous.  We’re fine, our house is fine, most of my garden survived.  I’m giddy with excitement about the things I’m working on in my studio, but that will wait until I fulfill that […]

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And then a month slipped by . . .

on Apr 10th 2011

Things do slip away from me. Where were we . . . We went to Mississippi and had a fantastic time.  Lots of our friends were there, I gave out some presents, we sang a lot, the food we made was fantastic and we spent much less time laboring over meals, and we didn’t want […]

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