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Can I have a pony can I have a pony canihaveaponyplease?

on Oct 29th 2008

I feel like all of my serious posting has gotten me out of the habit of just posting about what I’m up to.  Of course, what I’m up to is making sock bag after sock bag (boring), knitting a gift (secret), working on a tutorial (unfinished) and plotting out a pattern for something you’ve already […]

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U is for Upstate

on Oct 23rd 2008

U is for Upstate.  I’m originally from Rochester, but we moved to Virginia when I was a little kid, so most of my memories were formed here.  Certain things about New York, particularly autumn in New York, grab me right in the spine.  The leaves and hills and the smell of the air are so […]

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on Oct 17th 2008

Jen and I drove up yesterday through gorgeous weather and lots of changing leaves (and possibly a fair amount of chatting).  Martha met us here and we had a great dinner and did a tiny bit of work.  Today, we set up the booth, eat scones and hazelnut brownies, and await Purlewe and Beth and […]

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T is for Tote!

on Oct 10th 2008

I know most of my ABC-along posts have been more philosophical, but right now I’m just excited that this is done!  I made this bag entirely from things I had on hand.  I came up with a general design and then jumped in.   I felted a bunch of sweaters, none of which were repairable, […]

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