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Pelican Promissory for Kunigunde

on Nov 24th 2022

Winged Nike, harbinger of Victory, Fly to our shores and let sing your lyre, For we gather to praise your Beloved Lady Kunigunde von Darmstadt, Friend of heroes, host to a kingdom, Mistress of lists and recorder of glories. She who welcomes novice and knight with equal grace And tames all tourney quandaries with her […]

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Laurel for Suphunibal rabat bat Abdeshmun

on Aug 23rd 2022

To Lady Suphunibal This is the hallowed place, built in the month of the sacrifice of the sun, as a gift in the temple by Lærimoðir Álfrún ketta, scholar and artist. For Suphunibal has raised our people in glory for these many years, sharing her most venerated knowledge of dyes, draping, and adornment. Let her […]

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Pearl for Hlāford Bran Mydwynter

on Aug 12th 2022

Pearl for Hlāford Bran Mydwynter Flourishing his quill, Raven-wise in sun bright torc and amber beads Hlaford Bran Mydwynter awen inspired Glorifies the worthy, Leads students to strive– Their hands ink-stained And scrolls spiral wreathed. Honor his genius with a Lustrous Pearl And grant him arms To mark his mastery. Done at the Pennsic war by […]

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Counties for Jane and Eckehard

on Apr 4th 2022

Rose and County scroll for Countess jane Alexandria Fitzpatrick:  Come dance silver sandalled by the sea  And sing in high and joyous melody Of She who graced Our thrones with shining mirth,   As blossoms entwined her path to mark her worth.  We name her Countess Jane, Beloved of the Sun.  And rejoice to know her […]

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A Pearl for Nezhka

on Feb 13th 2022

When we scored the assignment to make Nezhka’s pearl scroll, we knew dragons needed to be involved, and that no one would be killing any dragons. Honoring the recipients is a huge part of the process for Korrin and for me, and we worked hard to do right by Nezhka. I opted to use Eglamour of […]

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A Kraken for Valdimárr

on Feb 12th 2022

This man set out for battle at the dawn, Ringing him, fortified, a wall of shields. Savagely attacked, seeking slaughter, Storming, thundering, the sound of the assailants. Stalwart, astute, strong this man With stabbing spear and slashing sword Above the blood tide, he slew the foe. Wading in strife, blows raining on heads, In the […]

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A Pearl for Ela

on Mar 28th 2021

Knowing how much Ela liked the translation of Song of Amergin I did a few years ago, it seemed like a good thing to base an award text on. Bran and Korrin did an amazing job designing and creating the scroll, and I was overjoyed to have a hand in the process.  You can see […]

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Ragnarr’s belated AOA

on Oct 10th 2020

Sometimes the world falls apart and things get left behind.  That happened quite some time ago when some friends died unexpectedly, so Korrin and I decided to help pick up one little piece and try to make something kind and beautiful together for someone we adore.   Audio O for a bounding sea, that would crash  […]

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