A Pearl for Ela

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Knowing how much Ela liked the translation of Song of Amergin I did a few years ago, it seemed like a good thing to base an award text on. Bran and Korrin did an amazing job designing and creating the scroll, and I was overjoyed to have a hand in the process.  You can see the images and process videos here

A Pearl for Ela

She is the voice on the wind–the verse–
The scop whose lyre calls us to the hearth,
Her stanzas shaping the land.
Melody’s lift and rhythm’s drop she marks.
Call her untangler of tongues, 
Wrangler of sheep,
Spinner of yarns and tales,
Weaver of cloth and truth,
Embroiderer of silk and story–
Who is the scholar at the slate?
The poet with her pen?
The dyer at her vats? 
Students aid and drummer’s muse? 
What more loyal friend to Caedmon and Gawain?
What kinder ally to the wolf and mare?
Who better to be draped in Pearls? 

Ealawynn Maeru, bard and artist, called Ela by her friends,

We recognize as a Companion of the Order of the Pearl,
And grant her arms so blazoned:
Vert, a horse passant contourny Or between three lozenges argent.
Done by Anton Rex and Luned Regina
From Stierbach’s Walls where gates remain secure
This 27th of March, Anno Societatis LV.


Calligraphy & Illumination by Lady Korrin Valravn
Design by Bran Mydwynter
Text by Ollam Lanea verch Kerrigan

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