Pelican Promissory for Kunigunde

Posted by on Thursday, November 24th, 2022

Winged Nike, harbinger of Victory,
Fly to our shores and let sing your lyre,
For we gather to praise your Beloved
Lady Kunigunde von Darmstadt,
Friend of heroes, host to a kingdom,
Mistress of lists and recorder of glories.

She who welcomes novice and knight with equal grace
And tames all tourney quandaries with her quill,
Shall be known across the world as a winged peer,
For her vulning has been recognized by all
Who tred her field or rest by her hearth.
We shine bright glory on one we now call Meisterin,
And let the whole fabric of darkness collapse away.

Thus we elevate her to the Order of the Pelican,
And secure her Letters Patent, to wit:
Per chevron gules and Or, two acorns and a sea-lion counterchanged.
So say we, Abran King and Anya Queen at our Holiday Faire,
this 19th day of November, Anno Societatis LVII

Text by Lanea
Calligraphy and Illumination by Kolfinna Valravn

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