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Laurel for Suphunibal rabat bat Abdeshmun

on Aug 23rd 2022

To Lady Suphunibal This is the hallowed place, built in the month of the sacrifice of the sun, as a gift in the temple by Lærimoðir Álfrún ketta, scholar and artist. For Suphunibal has raised our people in glory for these many years, sharing her most venerated knowledge of dyes, draping, and adornment. Let her […]

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Pearl for Hlāford Bran Mydwynter

on Aug 12th 2022

Pearl for Hlāford Bran Mydwynter Flourishing his quill, Raven-wise in sun bright torc and amber beads Hlaford Bran Mydwynter awen inspired Glorifies the worthy, Leads students to strive– Their hands ink-stained And scrolls spiral wreathed. Honor his genius with a Lustrous Pearl And grant him arms To mark his mastery. Done at the Pennsic war by […]

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