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The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson

on Dec 22nd 2008

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X is for . . .

on Dec 21st 2008

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A quick peek

on Dec 19th 2008

As I mentioned, I made some socks for me; And I made some socks for Scott (which are much bigger than mine, despite appearances,  and also have little clothes-pin dents, which please and annoy me by turns) ;  And I received a gorgeous clapotis Ruadhan made for my birthday, and which I cannot stop wearing; […]

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I wish I could show you

on Dec 8th 2008

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The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories

on Dec 6th 2008

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W is for Wool

on Dec 4th 2008

When I get right down to it, I do it for the love of wool.  Crewel is my favorite form of embroidery.  A desperate need for wool socks brought me to knitting.  I love to sew wool,  knit wool, spin wool, quilt wool, and wear wool.  I love sheep.  I love the way wool accepts […]

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