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Posted by on Monday, December 8th, 2008

I am truly starting to miss daylight.  I have things to photograph, and I can't get find any daylight. 

I made a lovely, soft, simple pair of socks for Scott. 
I made a lovely, soft, simple pair of socks for myself.
Two friends gave me beautiful knitted gifts.
I've been sewing like mad. 
I lucked into a pile of pre-felted sweaters for upcycling, thanks to the serendipity of freecycle and my friend Carol.
I'm well into another silk shawl, this one for Spirit Trail. 
I've started on something charming for Knitter's Review


Unfortunately,  I did get some rather disconcerting film . . . from a plumber.  We get to replace part of our sewer line.  Our house has settled onto the line and snapped it.  Blasted pipes.  That I won't share.  We have some decent stop-gap options for now, but some nasty equipment will need to make a nasty hole in my garden, and there's no avoiding it. 

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  1. kon 14 Dec 2008 at 11:18 am 1

    Is the ground frozen where you are? Have you even had your annual snowstorm yet? (I keep forgetting there are places that winter doesn’t exist.)

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