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Wool Poems: Jerimoth Hill

on Jul 29th 2007

Posting through the wonder of Typepad’s freaky time-manipulation tools.  I can assure you I’m having a wonderful time in the woods, because we must have a platform jutting out over the hill with a tent on it by now, and we’ve probably spent hours guffawing with friends.  Ooh, maybe we’ve even managed to sleep past […]

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Comment comment

on Jul 26th 2007

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Setting off

on Jul 24th 2007

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Spenser’s Ireland

on Jul 23rd 2007

I’ve been remiss, obviously, about this poetry thing we do. Blame in on my job–I always do. Here’s something from Marianne Moore. As is probably obvious, Ireland is terribly important to me, and like all things that are terribly important to me, my relationship with the country and its culture and my tiny spot in […]

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Folklife, homelife, and wedded bliss

on Jul 19th 2007

As I mentioned last week-ish, during that phase when I was posting zippo, I went to the Smithsonian folklife festival with Bodwin, Ruadhan, Mapgirl, and Kevin.  It was blazing hot, but the festival covered Virginia, Northern Ireland, and the Mekong Delta.  So we couldn’t miss it. I tell you, I have never considered so decorating […]

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Not dead, or missing, or sick

on Jul 9th 2007

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