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Studio tour

on Jun 5th 2012

After tearing the room apart and putting it back together again, I figured I should make a new studio tour video. Enjoy! I’ve been spending most of my free time in the garden this spring, and the mild weather here has been wonderful. I know it’ll end soon, but I’m struggling to soak up as […]

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on Mar 6th 2009

For a while there my Google Reader was showing me four digit numbers. I couldn’t read most friends’ blogs from work, and I was working a lot of overtime just in case Scott’s job search didn’t move as fast as we hoped. Last weekend while I was editing the new blog CSS, trying to build […]

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W is for Wool

on Dec 4th 2008

When I get right down to it, I do it for the love of wool.  Crewel is my favorite form of embroidery.  A desperate need for wool socks brought me to knitting.  I love to sew wool,  knit wool, spin wool, quilt wool, and wear wool.  I love sheep.  I love the way wool accepts […]

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on Apr 16th 2008

Last weekend, I went out west to visit with Two Sock Knitters, and another Sock Knitter, and a whole passel of contra dancers.  The University of Chicago hosted a fantastic dance weekend, complete with the fantastic bands Cosmic Otters and Nightingale, and the amazing callers Adina Gordon and George Marshall.  We went to tons of […]

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on Nov 21st 2007

You know what’s even better than working from home?  Being informed that the powers-that-be want you to charge eight hours but only work five.  I never ever ever want to go to an actual office again, I’m so spoiled now. Today’s early quitting time could not be a nicer gift.  Since Scott and I grew […]

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Seven Hills

on Nov 12th 2007

Last Thursday, I filled the car with wool and tools, plugged my GPS system into the lighter, and drove drove drove all the way up to Lenox, Massachusetts for my second Knitter’s Review Retreat.  As usual, I took far fewer pictures than I intended.  The inn we stayed in was lovely, I learned so much […]

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Folklife, homelife, and wedded bliss

on Jul 19th 2007

As I mentioned last week-ish, during that phase when I was posting zippo, I went to the Smithsonian folklife festival with Bodwin, Ruadhan, Mapgirl, and Kevin.  It was blazing hot, but the festival covered Virginia, Northern Ireland, and the Mekong Delta.  So we couldn’t miss it. I tell you, I have never considered so decorating […]

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on Feb 12th 2007

Juno came to stay with us last weekend.  We had way more than our share of fun.  Let me give you a rundown. Juno finally got to meet Scott and the pets.   Kayo tried to be fierce, but realized that fierceness would get in the way of being spoiled.  Speedwell gave up the scaredy-cat routine […]

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The world is thiiiiiiiis small

on Jan 25th 2007

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Careful what you wish for

on Sep 7th 2006

I knew I would come home from Celtic Summer Camp with new stuff.  I just wasn’t aware how much I would come home with.  I didn’t get by without spending any money this year, but Crazy Lanea’s (the basket of clothes for friends for which the blog is named, not the blog) covered my shopping […]

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