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Posted by on Sunday, November 4th, 2018

My linen quilt is finished and wound up being a great project for learning.

Because I worked primarily with linen garment scraps, my color selection was decidedly different from the quilt I based this project on. I pieced via serger, which is guaranteed to be a pain. It also leads to a fair amount of seam bulk, which is challenging to quilt. I’m happy with the results in spite of the challenges.

I opted to lay the squares out in a squared off color wheel configuration.  I like how much movement it has, even with such simple piecing and a relatively broad color palette.  

Once the top was pieced, I added a wide border of a lovely Marimekko red print and a green linen Marimekko backing, both of which I scored at a Crate and Barrel outlet sale a few years ago. Then I pin-basted it and used a walking foot to quilt around the blocks in a grid.  

That first round of quilting convinced me that quilting the whole thing with a walking foot in relatively straight line designs was going to be tedious and uncomfortable, since it would mean hefting so much weight so many times: it’s a queen sized quilt, and garment linen is significantly heavier than quilting cottons.  So I forced myself to be brave and try free motion quilting on a large scale.  I’ve been hesitant to try it because it doesn’t come naturally to me, and I am far from expert, but the project made me much more comfortable with free motion quilting. I varied patterns and threads throughout the quilt and learned which styles I’m more comfortable with. The finished quilting makes sense with the scrappiness of the top.  I quilted the snot out of some of the sections and left others more open.  

I opted for a gorgeous blue-green shot cotton for a binding–I love it’s play against the red border. 

The finished quilt washed and dried up well, and this guy approves, so I’m calling it a victory.  




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  1. Kirstenon 27 Nov 2018 at 9:29 pm 1

    It’s lovely. The different textures in the darks would be so great to touch.

    I’ve been hanging out at the quilt store in town off and on, because we can just talk about how awesome these colors are! or that pattern! and isn’t this amazing fun! He makes quilts frequently (because he can), and runs experiments with different quilting patterns. Fascinating to watch. But I like your idea of quilting a bunch here, and not so much there.

    My familiar, Katniss, has a major preference for lying at a 45º angle to straight lines in rugs, and plaids are an especial favorite. I have a quilt on my bed, and it is frequently the best place in the house. It’s like that curse, “May you live in interesting times.” May you have a tortoiseshell to tell you how to live.

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