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Send a knitter to Antarctica

on Sep 15th 2009

Taking a break from wallowing in Wyoming photos and schlepping audio files over to the big shiny networked external hard-drive to help out a pal.  A few years ago, I met Eva at the Knitters Review retreat and I liked her instantly.  She is smart and funny and kind and she knits beautiful things–sometimes out […]

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For want of better lenses

on Sep 9th 2009

This is how we’re starting. Photos, unmanipulated, as I sort.  The sorting will be no small feat–I’m going to have to buy an external hard drive if I want my laptop to continue to function.  The hard drive in this puppy is just too small. If these are the only really good photos I get […]

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The Lonesome Crowded West

on Sep 3rd 2009

(how’s that for a lazy music allusion in a post title?) Scott and I scampered off to Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana for a couple of weeks, and I forgot to warn you in advance. We visited family and then we visited the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. I fell desperately in love with Wyoming. I’m […]

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