Seamus Tuilide

Lanea on Jan 25th 2017

Fear not Fair Atlantia, though his savage aspect makes brave men tremble.  The honorable Lord Seamus Tuilide approaches with sharpened blade and steel-strong sinew, but he threatens only those who dare deny him.  Our Shining Star, our glorious Kinsman comes this day to win a Prince’s Crown for himself and to raise his beautiful bride Ardys to the status she so richly deserves.  Who can deny she was born to wear a crown?  His eye ever keen, his back strong as iron, his feet sure and fleet, and his hands swifter than the stooping falcon.  You shall come to see him in the light we always have.  We call him our Champion, we call him our Kinsman, we call him our Hero, and soon all assembled shall call him Prince.

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