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Healing thoughts

on Mar 31st 2008

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F is for Felt

on Mar 25th 2008

F is for felt. I’ve been making felt for several years now, using a couple of different methods.  I was first attracted to it for historical reasons, of course–felt was probably the first fabric we humans made, and that warms my Luddite soul to the core.  But as I’ve worked with it, I’ve fallen in […]

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Filling in the gaps

on Mar 20th 2008

I ended up scrambling to affix beads to the points of the Heather Ale sweater on the metro yesterday morning.  I was desperate to wear this thing, and a night’s rest gave every single beadless point the chance to curl right up.  I’m not entirely sure about these purple beads–I have clear ones in the […]

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on Mar 17th 2008

Gas Company  STOP Understand your work is vital  STOP Be a bit more ginger while digging STOP Some friends violently removed and likely killed STOP Warning to home’s owners about location of digging would be appreciated STOP Wish to remain in our current homes STOP Signed Buddleia, Holly, and Daffodils  STOP

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Like watching paint dry

on Mar 16th 2008

I’m pretty sure the knitting is finished on the Heather Ale Cardigan, but I can’t be sure yet.  Like most  knitted lace, it looked pretty sloppy and unappealing unblocked.   Unlike most knitted lace, this sweater really needs to fit nicely to be worth having.  I think I stopped at the right places.  I blocked it […]

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E is for Embroidery

on Mar 12th 2008

Embroidery was my first craft, as I explained a few years ago in a book about fiber arts. I feel I give it short shrift these days, using it now and again to adorn something else I’m flirting with, but rarely working steadily on a project for more than a day or two, and even […]

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Kate’s Mare

on Mar 9th 2008

I’ve been plotting a great trip out to Chicago for a dance weekend and visits with some wonderful friends, and I am giddy with excitement.  Giddy, I say! And in that spirit, I figured I should hop online to post some clogging cue sheets.  Kate’s Mare is one of the coolest clogging steps I know, […]

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on Mar 4th 2008

In footwork news: I taught a very informal clogging class for some friends Sunday, and it was an absolute hoot.  It felt great to be encouraging other folks to stomp about.  I think percussive dance is particularly appealing to folks with some strong tendencies towards rambunctiousness, and most of my friends could be described that […]

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on Mar 1st 2008

Bulbs are breaking through all over the place, and I’m cranking out green things.  The Heather Ale Cardigan has shoulders and half of a sleeve.  I love it so much I plan to ask it to prom. My hedgerow mitts are done, just in time to get a decent amount of wear before we truly […]

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