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X is for . . .

on Dec 21st 2008

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W is for Wool

on Dec 4th 2008

When I get right down to it, I do it for the love of wool.  Crewel is my favorite form of embroidery.  A desperate need for wool socks brought me to knitting.  I love to sew wool,  knit wool, spin wool, quilt wool, and wear wool.  I love sheep.  I love the way wool accepts […]

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V is for Vote!

on Nov 4th 2008

Today is the day.  Go to the polls and exercise your right to participate in our federal republic.   I voted early this morning and it was good to see so many people engaged in this year's election.    This is absolutely the most crowded I've seen the polls in the eight years we've lived in this […]

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U is for Upstate

on Oct 23rd 2008

U is for Upstate.  I’m originally from Rochester, but we moved to Virginia when I was a little kid, so most of my memories were formed here.  Certain things about New York, particularly autumn in New York, grab me right in the spine.  The leaves and hills and the smell of the air are so […]

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T is for Tote!

on Oct 10th 2008

I know most of my ABC-along posts have been more philosophical, but right now I’m just excited that this is done!  I made this bag entirely from things I had on hand.  I came up with a general design and then jumped in.   I felted a bunch of sweaters, none of which were repairable, […]

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S is for Song

on Sep 28th 2008

This was a hard one–not picking the topic, but trying to decide how to represent it.  Music in general, and singing and songwriting  in particular, have been important to me for as long as I’ve given much thought to what’s important to me.  I made this songbook when I was  a junior in college, and […]

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R is for Reading

on Sep 15th 2008

Of course it is. My college room-mate Steven took this photo of me for a photography class he was taking.  His assignment was to take a photo that really explained a friend of his as well as possible.  So he started talking me into laying in our bathtub, bathing in books.  I asked two questions, […]

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Q is for Quilting

on Aug 28th 2008

Q is for quilting.  I’m basically a novice quilter, and I have far more ideas than I have progress, but I’m guessing most of us could say that about one thing or another.  I’m lucky enough to have friends and family who are far more experienced than I am and willing to help, which is […]

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P is for Practice

on Aug 17th 2008

P is for Practice.  And here is my new baby.    I had a lot of options for this letter in the ABC Along: pottery, preachain, puttering, pastry . . . but then the new guitar showed up on Wednesday, and practice is again mandatory here at the Mean-Skutai Manse.  Picking up the guitar again […]

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O is for Oak

on Aug 12th 2008

O is for Oak, but you probably saw that coming.  I am a Tree-hugging dirt worshiper, after all, and Oaks figure in many, many myth systems.  Druids are “oak-knowers,” etymologically, and Dryads are named for these trees as well.   Oaks are symbols of Zeus, the Dagda, Cernunnos, El, Teutates, Belenus, Janus, Rhea, Artemis, Callisto, […]

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