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Posted by on Sunday, December 21st, 2008

I've been hemming and hawing for far too long on this one, and I just can't do what I want.

I's love to talk to you about xeriscaping, but it's winter here and my garden is showing no evidence of any of my experiments in xeriscaping.  Virginia can be a tough place to xeriscape, because xeric plants do well during our droughts but rot at the roots during our wet, swampy periods. 

I would talk to you about xenoliths, but I gave away my rock collection years ago.

I'm a fan of xylography, but cannot practice it if I want to keep all of my fingers.  

Part of my worried self kept focusing on excision and extinction, because I did worry so about our dear xanthic Yarrow.  But, post-excision, Yarrow is doing quite well.  And he's also managing to do a lot of evil.  And he deserves his own post.  

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  1. lellaon 28 Dec 2008 at 9:09 pm 1

    That’s a great X word. I hadn’t thought of Virginia as needed one. Hope you find the proper plants for your region.

    We are doing more xeriscaping for the rest of the yard; the front is there. We are still trying to get the roots out (from the long gone elms) that keep sprouting in winter. We will have keep tiny swath of edible grasses running down the drainage and through to the side gate, for the tortoises to have something to eat all summer, and the rest will be wildlife foods or cactus/succulents. You just got to feed dem birdies, eh?

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