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on Jan 31st 2011

I’ve mentioned working on gifts recently, and how secrecy left me with less to talk about here.  I may not have mentioned how terribly impatient I am.  Once I finish making a gift, I mentally hop on one leg until I deliver it.  I often want to call the recipient and ruin the surprise before […]

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on Jan 25th 2011

I’ve been on a bit of a quilting spree for a while now, as you may have noticed. And when I was sorting through some quilting stuff in my studio yesterday, I realized that I never posted about a really sweet pieced bag I made right before the KR retreat last autumn. I made the […]

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The goings on hereabouts

on Jan 23rd 2011

I got stuck, like I always do, feeling like I couldn’t post about presents.  And I was spending a lot of time working on presents.  Silly silly silly. But other things are in the works. We replaced our slapdash potrack with this beauty: All of that shining copper makes me so giddy.  I have a […]

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The Good Brother and other books

on Jan 19th 2011

The Good Brother by Chris Offutt I’m a huge fan of Chris Offutt’s work, which I was introduced to as a college student with a serious devotion to Appalachian Studies.  Knowing that Offutt has been focusing on writing for TV rather than churning out stories and novels for the last several years, I just help […]

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