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I’ve been on a bit of a quilting spree for a while now, as you may have noticed. And when I was sorting through some quilting stuff in my studio yesterday, I realized that I never posted about a really sweet pieced bag I made right before the KR retreat last autumn.

I made the patchwork part to use up an adorable Free Spirit charm pack. That line of fabric is called “Wild Bunch,” and if it weren’t so hard to find I’d have dozens of yards of a few of the fabrics.

And that hook it’s hanging from? My amazing friend Mary made that hook out of an antler she found.

This is the other side. I sort of used this free pattern, though I ignored it during some important bits.  I didn’t do a perfect job lining up the straps over the patchwork on this side, but I’ll live.  I may be overconfident with sewing patterns sometimes most of the time. I added a key clip on a lariat–you can see it poking up a bit on one side. This is a small bag, but not a tiny one, so it was perfect for carrying around at the retreat. It held my wallet, phone, a water bottle, and a sock bag comfortably. I’m tempted to make a similar but larger bag out of a sturdier or reinforced fabric to use on my commute.

I also had to–had to!–make some pillows with Japanese indigo prints.

I got the center panel a few years ago when I was visiting those wonderful Two Sock Knitters in Chicago.  We went to an amazing quilt show, which is where I found the center panels for these pillows.

Now I just need to get some pillow forms for the center.  And, quite possibly, make 100 more pillows.  They’re addictive, what with the small, easy area to quilt and the lack of binding.  I posted a photo of the finished pillow on facebook, and the response from my friends was, well, enthusiastic.  I made the pair with a single recipient in mind, but I may need to repeat the task a few times.

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  1. Jinannon 27 Jan 2011 at 5:16 pm 1

    Wow! Both the bag and the antler hook are gorgeous! I love the pillow tops too – very cute.

  2. naomion 09 Feb 2011 at 2:20 pm 2

    It’s beautiful!

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