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on Jul 30th 2009

My new camera is here.  Click. I’m pretty sure that’s a silver-spotted skipper. Kayo asks: “Anybody want a free kitten?  We have several.”

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Brisan’s Bash

on Jul 28th 2009

My Mom is the Executive Director of SIDS Mid-Atlantic, and she is helping to plan a great fundraiser to help eradicate SIDS.  The fourth Annual Brisan’s Bash will be held at Philip Carter Winery in beautiful Hume, VA  on September 19th.  There will be fantastic live music (I should get on that . . . […]

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Just so you know

on Jul 24th 2009

The TWO surgeries my Mom has had still haven’t gotten all of the cancerous cells, so she has to have a mastectomy.  Just thinking about it makes me think very violent thoughts,  so let’s move on. We’re skipping Celtic Summer Camp this year for the first year in a very long time.  It’s bittersweet–I will […]

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Inch by inch

on Jul 21st 2009

New hedgerow socks for my Mom, who is healing from surgery and gearing up for chemo and radiation.  The Frija is officially a hit with my Mom, who loves the color and the yarns’ exquisite softness. The hedgerow madness continues.  I finished these socks and needed movie theater knitting, so I grabbed the leftovers from […]

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on Jul 2nd 2009

I’ve been repeating myself a lot lately.  As I’ve mentioned, it’s been quite a spring here for us.  I’ve been feeling overtaxed and overwhelmed and not terribly interested in taking on challenging projects–unless dirt and stone were involved.  Hence, the wall, mindless reading, and some repetitive knitting. As I was building, I had a bad […]

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