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Feathering the nest

on Nov 21st 2008

I am happy to say that Yarrow has gotten a clean bill of health from his vet.  His cone is off, his stitches are out, and he’s off the junk. Before his emergency, I was in a serious quilt-prep stage  This is what I’m working with I got a bunch of Tula Pink fabrics from […]

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Careful what you wish for . . .

on Nov 9th 2008

When last we spoke, I mentioned how worried I was about my trouble-making cat.  Yarrow is healing well and getting into lots and lots of trouble already, even with a (kitty-sized) fentanyl patch, three doses of another opiate every day, and what must be a rather upsetting wound and, er, absence of an old friend.  […]

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Cross your fingers

on Nov 5th 2008

Our wool-thieving cat Yarrow is in the midst of a real health emergency.  He showed symptoms of urethral blockage on Sunday so we took him to the emergency vet.  Sure enough, he has FLUTD.  They've tried a few different things to no avail, so tomorrow he goes under the knife for a surgery that would […]

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V is for Vote!

on Nov 4th 2008

Today is the day.  Go to the polls and exercise your right to participate in our federal republic.   I voted early this morning and it was good to see so many people engaged in this year's election.    This is absolutely the most crowded I've seen the polls in the eight years we've lived in this […]

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