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Piece by piece

on Apr 18th 2010

Right, so, I’ve been working away, thinking in terms of modularity and mobility.  I decided to make an afghan as my project for Clara’s wool-along, since that seems like the best way to unify so many different wools.  My February square (yes, February.  I know)  is knitted from Cormo that I dyed in a crockpot.  […]

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And then I fell down a rabbit hole . . .

on Apr 13th 2010

And some jerk hacked my site, and blah blah excuse excuse excuse.  Photos coming, I promise, of Gulf Wars, and Celt Wars, and some knitting.  As usual, I have more pictures than are really appropriate for a blog post, so I’m messing with galleries and other such nonsense.  But all is well, and Mom is […]

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