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on Jan 30th 2006

Juno asked if I like brown.  You know what kind of brown I like, Juno?I like Boyne river-reed brown And mini-horde of amber brown And oak griffin brown And ladder-back chair brown And elk, doe, and buck-skin brown And birdseye maple brown And birchbark brown And rust brown But I love Kayo brown above all […]

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Captian Jim

on Jan 25th 2006

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More things

on Jan 24th 2006

I started sweeping up around here, and noticed I petered out pretty early in the 100 things process, so here’s some more. First 17 18-35 . . . 36. As do most forms of discrimination. 37. I studied debate techniques when I was in school, and grew into an award-winning speaker. 38. On more than […]

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More Links

on Jan 24th 2006

I was just poking around to see if I could find any audio of Berryman reading his poems, and I hit quite the little jackpot. Scroll down to John Berryman’s name and you get almost* an entire poetry reading by John Berryman–an introduction, some chit chat by Berryman, and him reading Dream Songs #1, 4, […]

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Reviews from a temporary shut-in

on Jan 23rd 2006

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“Normal” Needs a Prefix

on Jan 22nd 2006

So, getting back to normal here at the Mean-Skuta Manse.  And for us, “normal” needs a prefix. Somehow I accidentally agreed to be in a calendar (fully dressed, get your minds out of the gutter) some friends are putting together.  I’m normally pretty camera shy, having experienced both a shutterbug step-Dad and, well, stalking ( […]

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John Berryman, 1914-1972

on Jan 21st 2006

Originally posted by Rachel And now, as they say, for something completely different. John Berryman. The first time I read one of The Dream Songs, (#14, “Life Friends, is boring”) it was like walking out my front door one morning and discovering I was in Bora Bora. I had never read anything like it before […]

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on Jan 20th 2006

I was originally thinking I should wrap up my self-indulgent Nuala-fest with a translation of my own . . . and then I found a translation that made mine look inelegant and wordy, so I figured I’d leave it to Paul Muldoon, whom I love.  Thankfully, you can get to the original Irish and the […]

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How I spent the holidays

on Jan 18th 2006

Apart from the whole car accident and its attendant drama, this is what we’ve been up to round here. First, Scott gave me an amazing present: If I remember correctly, he gave it to me on the Solstice.  But I could be eliding dates, because my brain is still a bit scrambled.  That, my lovelies, […]

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Getting Me in the Gut

on Jan 9th 2006

I wanted to write at least one more post about Nuala (I feel disrespectful calling her that, but it’s just so much easier to type) before we move on to something completely different. But I feel like we haven’t really given her much of a fair shake yet, though I suspect, this blog is just […]

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