Bardic Work

Lanea on Feb 15th 2016

Please feel free to utilize my work, but remember to respect it as well.  I copyright all of my songs, poetry, and classes.  If you wish to perform a piece of mine, please credit me and let me know how it goes!  If you wish to record a piece of mine, contact me for licensing information.

Poems and Spoken Word

Alherin (Blood-helmed man, Crow-Clanne warrior)
Dán dó Emain Macha (Poem of the Twins of Macha)
Hoga Saga
I Am Not Quiet
Naming Deirdre’s Mother
Shelter, Sister
Song of Amergin
You call Yourselves Bards?



Na Casan mBan War Chant
The Torc Song
Volsunga Drunka (Volsung Drinking Song)
Warning (Killy the Song)


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