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on Jun 22nd 2009

The kittens are growing.  Strangely enough, the fourth, bravest kitten ran from me when I took this. I’m still looking for homes for all four kittens and their graceful little Mama.  I’m worried about gentling the kittens for inside living though.  They look to be at least a couple of months old, and I don’t […]

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Mediocre videos of musical genius

on Jun 16th 2009

As promised, video of Bruce Molksy playing at the Potomac Celtic Festival last weekend. His beautiful finger-style guitar rendition of his original tune “Brothers and Sisters:” And his fantastic clawhammer banjo and vocal for the traditional old-time classic “John Brown’s Dream:” Next time, I’ll try to try to bring the actual video camera, tons of […]

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New neighbors

on Jun 14th 2009

Kayo and I were greeted by quite a surprise when I opened the sliding door for him this morning. A tiny little Mama cat and her kittens were on the back patio, and none of them were happy to see my sweet old dog.  We shuffled back inside and watched as kittens descended from the […]

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The work of days and hands

on Jun 12th 2009

My period of mandatory silence is over.  I didn’t intend for it to spill over here onto the blog, but my desperate need to plant whenever it’s not raining, my new obsession with learning to build dry-stack walls, and some news I haven’t yet processed coalesced into me thinking a lot and saying little.  I […]

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