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Birdseyes, Axes, and Crescent Moons

on Jul 30th 2008

You thought I forgot all about measuring handsewing, didn’t you?  Nope–I’ve been sewing relatively little this year, but the preparations for Celtic summer camp were upon us and Bodwin reminded me that I should keep up with the big tally.  I hand-sewed the bindings on a couple of small quilts and have been doing lots […]

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N is for nevus

on Jul 25th 2008

I think each person has a particular feature that they really see as symbolic of self.  For some people it’s a feature they love, for some it’s one they dislike.  Mine is something I like, and something I also attach a lot of meaning to–particularly relating to how other people react to it. I have […]

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on Jul 22nd 2008

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Putting my feet up

on Jul 11th 2008

I finished my Spring Forward socks, and I think they’re pretty darn cool.  The pattern was great to knit and the socks fit well, but I’m not so wild about the yarn.  I’d like it to be a bit softer–I think I am officially and permanently spoiled by fancy-schmancy sock yarns, sans nylon and preferably […]

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M is for Myth

on Jul 7th 2008

Which is a pretty hard thing to photograph, particularly since it’s all about the oral tradition and poetry and sound, rather than sight. I’m a bard, as I’ve mentioned.  I translate pieces of mythology from Middle Welsh and Irish into English-language poems and songs, and tell about vital events from ancient history to people who […]

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