Counties for Jane and Eckehard

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Rose and County scroll for Countess jane Alexandria Fitzpatrick: 

Come dance silver sandalled by the sea 
And sing in high and joyous melody
Of She who graced Our thrones with shining mirth,  
As blossoms entwined her path to mark her worth. 

We name her Countess Jane, Beloved of the Sun. 
And rejoice to know her path will wend along.
No bloom may overshadow Our newest Rose’s grace
Blush rose, sweet rose, gentlest rose of all my days.

Cuan Rex and Adelhait Regina do award her the sole and exclusive right to bear arms, by Letters Patent, to wit: Per chevron vert and azure, a chevron Or between three sunflowers proper. Done this second day of April, Anno Societatis LVI at Our Coronation.

Illumination and Calligraphy by Lady Kolfinna Valravn (mka Korrin Villman)
Text by Ollam Lanea, text based on W.B. Yeats “To the Rose Upon the Rood of Time”

County for Count Eckehard Thurn: 

Come near me, while I chant the ancient lays:
Atlantians battling above the bitter waves;
One Crowned, resplendent, strides on laughing-eyed,
And casts down enemy to fall beneath the tide;

But to our people comes peace and wealth untold
As he graces ridge to shore with pearls and gold. 
Now name him Count Eckehard, the sword’s keen blade
And recall his deeds in Atlantia’s book of days. 

So say we, Cuan Rex and Adelhait Regina,
this second day of April, Anno Societatis LVI at Our Coronation.

Text by Lanea, calligraphy and illumination by Kolfinna Valravn

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