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A Pearl for Nezhka

on Feb 13th 2022

When we scored the assignment to make Nezhka’s pearl scroll, we knew dragons needed to be involved, and that no one would be killing any dragons. Honoring the recipients is a huge part of the process for Korrin and for me, and we worked hard to do right by Nezhka. I opted to use Eglamour of […]

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A Kraken for Valdimárr

on Feb 12th 2022

This man set out for battle at the dawn, Ringing him, fortified, a wall of shields. Savagely attacked, seeking slaughter, Storming, thundering, the sound of the assailants. Stalwart, astute, strong this man With stabbing spear and slashing sword Above the blood tide, he slew the foe. Wading in strife, blows raining on heads, In the […]

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