A Kraken for Valdimárr

Posted by on Saturday, February 12th, 2022

This man set out for battle at the dawn,
Ringing him, fortified, a wall of shields.
Savagely attacked, seeking slaughter,
Storming, thundering, the sound of the assailants.
Stalwart, astute, strong this man
With stabbing spear and slashing sword
Above the blood tide, he slew the foe.
Wading in strife, blows raining on heads,
In the court the warrior was humble,
Before Valdimárr Broddson great armies groan.

Eckehard Rex and Jane Regina
Call him Kraken and grant him arms
As Ymir lays down his bones for us to stand on
This twelfth day of February, AS LV

Based on verse XIV, Y Gododdin

Design by Bran, calligraphy and Illumination by Kolfinna Valravn.
Words by Lanea

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