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A Blogger’s (Silent) Poetry Reading

on Feb 1st 2009

This is perhaps my favorite blogosphere tradition, because it celebrates poetry and Imbolc, a holiday I cherish.  It is also my Mom’s birthday, which makes for a nice little trinity. I’m a poet as well as a knitter: particularly a poet who translates out of crazy moon languages into English.  I’m obsessed with Nuala Ní […]

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A blogger’s (silent) poetry reading

on Feb 1st 2008

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Wool Poems: Jerimoth Hill

on Jul 29th 2007

Posting through the wonder of Typepad’s freaky time-manipulation tools.  I can assure you I’m having a wonderful time in the woods, because we must have a platform jutting out over the hill with a tent on it by now, and we’ve probably spent hours guffawing with friends.  Ooh, maybe we’ve even managed to sleep past […]

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on May 2nd 2007

by Sandra McPherson The man vending needles at our door Was lucky to greet you. He looked poor but you acted needle-poor Where I’d have said, I don’t need … He sells needles to prick your heart And they’ll take small bites Out of my finger in a layer of skin Where my feelings are […]

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National poetry month, and wool poems

on Apr 11th 2007

Wow, we excel at slack these days. April is national poetry month.  I’ve been spending so much time hiding from my writing that I haven’t been much of a poetry reader lately.  But let’s forget about that for a moment and think about words. Lots of people quote the opening of The Wasteland  right about […]

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The Passionate Shepherd to His Love

on Jan 4th 2007

Originally posted by Rachel   Well, I can’t make Lanea find all of the wool poems all by herself, can I? A sentimental old favorite, this one, by Christopher Marlowe. Come live with me and be my love, And we will all the pleasures prove That valleys, groves, hills, and fields Woods or steepy mountain […]

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The Fleece

on Dec 28th 2006

John Dyer’s The Fleece is one of those works that few people read but everyone should.  Well, everyone should read it but it’s really hard to get copies.  Dyer was Welsh, and his family, being Welsh, knew a lot about sheep.   The Fleece is an epic–four volumes of blank verse–about sheep, published in 1757.   It’s […]

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The Spider’s Web

on Dec 7th 2006

by E.B. White The spider, dropping down from twig,Unfolds a plan of her devising,A thin premeditated rigTo use in rising. And all that journey down through space,In cool descent and loyal hearted,She spins a ladder to the placeFrom where she started. Thus I, gone forth as spiders doIn spider’s web a truth discerning,Attach one silken […]

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Wool poems: The Cloak, The Boat And The Shoes

on Nov 8th 2006

So, I’m increasingly obsessed with poems and songs about fiber arts.  Of course I am.  But now I’m going to start posting them here, for my own enjoyment, no matter the protest.  And we’ll just go ahead and categorize them as "wool poems" because that’s much more elegant than "poems on wool, silk, linen, cashmere, […]

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