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12 books in 12 months

on Aug 31st 2010

I am in!  I am all the way in.  I have sooooo many books, and some of them have been traveling with me through life for too long without being read. The rules: 12 Books, 12 Months Challenge Pick 12 titles from your To Read Pile.  These should be titles you currently own in whatever […]

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So where was I . . .

on Aug 29th 2010

All over the place, really.  How’s about I tell you about all sorts of things, in whatever order I remember them,  as I would over drinks in person?  Feel free to interrupt, and let me know when you need another round. I’ve spent the last couple of weekends crafting with friends from our living history […]

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I keep meaning to write . . .

on Aug 25th 2010

And this is when I start feeling like a bad non-custodial parent . . . Seriously!  I’m back!  No really, I promise.  I do love you more than I love, you know, all that stuff I do when I’m away from you.  I do!* I also feel like I’ve said that before and not followed […]

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