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You call yourselves Bards?

on Oct 23rd 2017

This was my challenge for the Celtic component of the Bardic Quest at War of the Wings, 2017.  Boasts have a particular prominence in Celtic mythology: the most famous is the Song of Amergin, but the boasts in Mac Datho’s Pig are also notable.    You call yourselves Bards? That word is mine– My Mother Tongue gave it […]

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Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May

on May 12th 2016

I should be gardening. I have been gardening, but I can’t quite manage any good photos because it’s been raining all month. Let me not dwell. Despite the rain, Maryland Sheep and Wool was as wonderful as ever. We had a relatively painless set-up despite the rain, because Jennifer was able to pull the truck […]

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on Mar 24th 2015

I  let this blog fall by the wayside while I became enmeshed in real world things.  I’ve gotten divorced–it was amicable but it was still hard.  I sold my house, watched my beloved dog reach the end of his days, helped care for my Aunt through the last months of her life, moved into my Aunt’s […]

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A smile a mile wide

on Jul 11th 2011

It’s just scar tissue! My Mom is ok. I have never felt more fortunate, or more relieved.

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Who wants a tour?

on Sep 22nd 2010

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks measuring and cataloging and giving some serious consideration to all of my supplies and tools here in my sweatshop studio.  I officially have an embarrassment of riches, my friends.  I knew that before I started, but now that I have a handy spreadsheet with all of the details […]

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I keep meaning to write . . .

on Aug 25th 2010

And this is when I start feeling like a bad non-custodial parent . . . Seriously!  I’m back!  No really, I promise.  I do love you more than I love, you know, all that stuff I do when I’m away from you.  I do!* I also feel like I’ve said that before and not followed […]

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on May 12th 2010

Ugh.  Just, ugh.  And guh. I’ve been doing some organizing and housekeeping so I can finally take down the old Typepad version of this blog, and replacing old photos has me covering my eyes and sniveling.  Sheeeesh, I have posted some ugly, ugly photos.  I’m sorely tempted to just delete all of the bad ones, […]

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And then I fell down a rabbit hole . . .

on Apr 13th 2010

And some jerk hacked my site, and blah blah excuse excuse excuse.  Photos coming, I promise, of Gulf Wars, and Celt Wars, and some knitting.  As usual, I have more pictures than are really appropriate for a blog post, so I’m messing with galleries and other such nonsense.  But all is well, and Mom is […]

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Mississippi bound!

on Mar 13th 2010

And I’m off!  I am heading to the Gulf Coast with my living history group for a big fun event, and I can’t wait.  We skipped Celtic Summer Camp last year so I could be home for one of my Mom’s surgeries, so I feel like I’m in withdrawal.  I’ll see friends from all over […]

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Uncovering the mirrors

on Mar 11th 2010

It’s been a year since our dear friend Mike Dobbs died.  I can say without hesitation it was the most difficult year of my life.  Losing Mike, my Mom’s cancer, Scott’s Mom’s cancer, lay-offs, my freak vocal chord injury . . . I know there were other terrible blows, but I  honestly can’t remember all […]

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