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Breaking a Curse

on Aug 28th 2007

When you study the ancient world, you study the concepts of curses.  When you watch every minute of extra material on Rome DVDs, you think about them even more.  And then, if you mix in some really good adolescent lit about a fantastical array of universes with lots of magic in them, and you maybe […]

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His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass

on Aug 27th 2007

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on Aug 25th 2007

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The All of It

on Aug 24th 2007

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Celtic Summer Camp

on Aug 20th 2007

Look at all of the sewing I did in that three crazy weeks of sewing.  4,365 inches.  Nearly 364 feet.  Noice.  And then I barely bothered to clothe anyone.  Because of the weather, and the lazy.  I took terribly few pictures on vacation this year.  I blame the weather–first it was so hot that we […]

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Thou Harp of My Music

on Aug 16th 2007

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on Aug 15th 2007

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