A Lark for Lucy

Lanea on Nov 22nd 2022

Every gentle of the Northlands, listen:
We praise she who kindles the flame,
And keeps us all in thrall to her works
At hearthside, weaving bench, Lectern, and stitching frame.

Lady Lucy of Wigan marries imagination
To ingenuity, sharing her spark with all
Who would soar to heights of knowledge and art.
Thus we induct her to our Order of the Lark
This 12th day of November, AS LVII
Baron Ludwig and Baroness Sinn, right and noble leaders of Highland Foorde
Glosses:(sung to the tune of “Rocket Man” by Elton John) Rocket cat: soaring over buildings near and far
Dear Lucy, We voted. You are our favorite. Signed, Everyone

Text by Lanea, calligraphy and illumination by Kolfinna Valravn

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