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I heart Finland, and other random musings

on Jan 30th 2009

I got a raise, what with my shockingly professional gig as a web monkey, er, Lead Web Coordinator.  Is that not the most PC title you have ever heard for a Master Spider? I mean, really, do I get a baton AND nice juicy flies too? Right, where was I . . .  I don’t need yarn, […]

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My neglected books

on Jan 27th 2009

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More Books for Ears!

on Jan 13th 2009

Jeanne and I have been working away on Books For Ears for a little over a year now, and it is a blast.  I’ve talked less about books here because I’ve talked a lot about books there.  It’s really interesting to me to see how the two of us choose and review books, and what […]

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Needles down

on Jan 12th 2009

A small locker-hooked rug finished: A bug new, hooked rug begun: I’m using leftover and recycled yarns  for this, which is great fun. And, finally, a huge linen scrap quilt top finished: Excuse the flash and stray threads and skewed seams . . . Hot damn, am I glad this is done.  It’s 103″ on […]

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on Jan 4th 2009

Like many spinners, I have fiber I don’t intend to spin.  Some of it is stuff I used to like to spin but don’t anymore, some of it is felting fiber that I haven’t felt the need to felt, and some of it is raw wool that I only have little bits of here and […]

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