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Little gifts

on Dec 27th 2016

Between the puppy maturing and me adjusting to working from home, I ended up feeling the urge to churn out lots of little gifts this month.  This cowl is in cashmere silk merino, and it’s lovely. Some socks: A pile of hats: I made a bunch of potholders out of quilting cotton scraps: And several […]

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Missing winter

on Mar 1st 2012

This is one of the warmest winters I ever remember in Virginia, and I disapprove.  I heartily disapprove.  And apparently I’m demonstrating my disapproval by making blankets I don’t need.  I’ve worked on nothing but blankets for weeks, and yet I’m kicking off the quilt night after night, wishing for a hard freeze and snow […]

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Nose to the grindstone

on Oct 11th 2010

In addition to tallying up and recording all of the pertinent information about my yarn and fabric stashes, I’m trying to finish a bunch of projects that I had started but never finished. I’m not promising to finish them all before I start any new ones, but having a spreadsheet of all of my works […]

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Callinectes Sapidus and Persea Americana

on May 20th 2009

Last weekend, I went to the Potomac’s mouth, where it pours into the waving Chesapeake.  A group of some of my favorite women goes every year, and it’s so important to us for so many reasons. We talk and work on projects together and swim and paddle.  And we cook and eat together, as friends […]

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on Mar 6th 2009

For a while there my Google Reader was showing me four digit numbers. I couldn’t read most friends’ blogs from work, and I was working a lot of overtime just in case Scott’s job search didn’t move as fast as we hoped. Last weekend while I was editing the new blog CSS, trying to build […]

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T is for Tote!

on Oct 10th 2008

I know most of my ABC-along posts have been more philosophical, but right now I’m just excited that this is done!  I made this bag entirely from things I had on hand.  I came up with a general design and then jumped in.   I felted a bunch of sweaters, none of which were repairable, […]

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Scanty evidence, finished objects, and questions of gauge and color

on Apr 7th 2008

A couple of weekends ago, a bunch of us wandered out for the woods for a very relaxed camping trip smack dab between the Equinox and April Fool’s Day.  Normally, I would carry back photographic evidence.  This time, I bring only this.  It was really cold, and throwing an event is a fair amount of […]

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F is for Felt

on Mar 25th 2008

F is for felt. I’ve been making felt for several years now, using a couple of different methods.  I was first attracted to it for historical reasons, of course–felt was probably the first fabric we humans made, and that warms my Luddite soul to the core.  But as I’ve worked with it, I’ve fallen in […]

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Midway points

on Apr 23rd 2007

I accomplished a fair amount over the last couple of weeks, but never got around to showing you.  I finished the first kilt hose (what is the singular of hose?  hosen?  holy crap, have I just realized that “hose” has no singulative? now I have to go read some linguistics . .  .) I know […]

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on May 18th 2006

Around this time every year, some of my girl-friends from Celt-land and I head down to the Western Shore of the Potomac River.  Each year, we have a theme.  This year’s theme is “fish and fiber.”  We’re going to fish, and we’re going to play with fiber.  I am one excited chicky, lemmetellya. We will […]

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