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on Feb 27th 2009

I am in the process of migrating my old blog to this new space . . . I’m still alphabetizing the books, so bear with me.

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Smithsonian under glass

on Feb 25th 2009

How badly do I want that sign?  I want that sign, alright.  Gimme the sign, Smithsonian!  GIVE ME THE SIGN! Scott and I ended up with an unexpected block of unplanned time and nice, clear weather last weekend, so decided to spend it on The Mall.  We visited the renovated National Museum of American History.  […]

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on Feb 19th 2009

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Blackwater Falls

on Feb 18th 2009

We spent the long wekend with dear friends in Canaan Valley, West Virginia.  We wandered around Blackwater Falls and the park surrounding it.  We’ve had unseasonably warm weather in the DC area over the last few weeks, but thankfully West Virginia is holding on to some winter.  I flirted with birches, like I do.   They flirted back. The […]

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Sarafina takes the cake

on Feb 12th 2009

I’m all for small victories, you know.  Each finished row of knitting, each hem and button hole counts towards some vital tally in my head.  We just had a dessert party/bake-off at work, and my Almond Sarafina cake took the top prize.  I am absolutely chuffed.  I’d show you the cake, but there is no external evidence […]

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Eye strain

on Feb 11th 2009

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on Feb 9th 2009

My husband was laid off last week, so I’ve been a bit distracted.  I’m working a bunch of extra hours and trying to make lots of wonderful little bags for my Etsy shop just to earn a bit extra.  He’s already had a couple of interviews, so we’re not terribly worried.  But still, with the state of […]

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A Blogger’s (Silent) Poetry Reading

on Feb 1st 2009

This is perhaps my favorite blogosphere tradition, because it celebrates poetry and Imbolc, a holiday I cherish.  It is also my Mom’s birthday, which makes for a nice little trinity. I’m a poet as well as a knitter: particularly a poet who translates out of crazy moon languages into English.  I’m obsessed with Nuala Ní […]

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