A Pearl for Nezhka

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When we scored the assignment to make Nezhka’s pearl scroll, we knew dragons needed to be involved, and that no one would be killing any dragons. Honoring the recipients is a huge part of the process for Korrin and for me, and we worked hard to do right by Nezhka. I opted to use Eglamour of Artois, c. 1350 as a text exemplar, beginning with the dragon tale on line 685. Korrin’s beautiful art is here.


In Atlantia, as I do tell,
There lives a dragon, fierce and fell,
   Hearken all to what I shall now say:
That fiend is of so great renown
That no one dare go near his town–
   Steering at least seven miles away.
The king called: “Baroness! Find the fiend!
Go now and slay him with thy hand. 
   Defend our people from the grim affray!”
She said, “I have talents greater,
With grace and wit, I shall do better,
   If I fail, the cruel beast may end my days.”

She steeled her heart and away she rode–
She cried her leave of Raven’s Cove. 
     “I shall return with my Muse’s aid; 
My promise is as pure as gold, 
Keep yourselves well, my aerie bold, 
    I must face the dread wyrm unafraid!”
Forth she journeyed to the wyvern’s lair,
And there she found his dealings, dire.
    His victims strewn around the murky glade. 

She wept for grief, then called the beast
To listen to her song of peace.
    Lilting sweet, our Nezhka sang and played. 
The dragon, dumbstruck, quenched his fire,
And turned to hear her strumming lyre
    His anger quickly soothed by her chorale
She sang of grace and love and art
And calmed that beast’s ferocious heart
    Through melody and lyric he was enthralled.
“Dragon, I will play and sing
If you swear to serve our Queen and King.
   If you will guard our borders, I shall be your Skald.”
The Wyrm, so soothed, agreed to the pact
And presented a gem to seal the act
   Thus Baroness Nezhka shall shine when Pearls are called.

Done this 12th day of February AS LVI at Ymir by King Eckehard and Queen Jane
I, Triton Principal Herald, do attest that Nezhka does have sole rights to bear these Arms: Sable, a dragon’s head couped and in chief three compass stars one and two argent.

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