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Posted by on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005

The Hoghead, hatted:

And prepared for the krotchpunting.  He must be wearing the Green Boot.  Yes yes, he must.
We can tell that your knee is laughing Samir, and we are not pleased.  Perhaps the Green Boot is destined for you?  Or perhaps, since you have obviously toiled under the (delicately embroidered, silk and linen, with the lovingly hand-tooled accoutrements) sign of the Krotchpunt, you are a man without fear?  Either way, you tempt fate, my friend.  Your employer stands beside you positively kvelling and you giggle. Brave.

Hoghead: Proud as an Ass-yrian God, we say:

That man knows how to appreciate a fine hat with fine handles, particularly suited to pulling him out of whatever mess he gets himself into.  And for that, we salute you, oh fourth recipient.  And we encourage you to wear it in cooler weather, so as not to fall down with the heat prostitution er, prostration.  Because if you fall down, someone may take your hat, and then all would be lost.

And here, the first shadowy member of the mafia, finally captured on film.  Eeeet’s veerrrrrryyyyy scaaarrrrryyyyy if you clicky clicky . . .

Seriously, she is so scary, that brownie with the fine hat, that she giggles with the delight the entire time she threatens a life.  No joke.  I think she eats babies.  Or at least tender little lambies.  We were fortunate to escape with all of our digits.

Saluti il primo membra, l’uovo.

During our adventures, we measured many many crania and discussed the colors of wool and the options for decorations.  (We love) Drac (and he lives here) was wise enough to name a couple of colors and trust all else to the hatters.  Scaigheach had wishes for leafy goodness, to which the hatters were immediately drawn.  The ladies, during gaity time, discussed hopes for a hat of such masculine aspect . . . but I should say no more lest I betray the vision of my fellow hatters.

And, as we suspected, Feltuna was too demure for Richard (who the ladies again declared dreamy, and who has apparently been cast in a movie produced by the ladies–of intrigue!).  It will be remade yes yes, and it will be awe-inspiring (but perhaps rather warm and a little itchy).

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