Mad Hatters: Seeking Employment

Posted by on Thursday, June 30th, 2005

Is this thing on?

Some folks–a potter in particular–want hats, but we’ve hatted everyone bold enough to ask for a hat and careful enough to submit their head measurements. Which is sad, considering there are as yet only four bona-fide members of our shadowy tribe. Think of our safety, here: folks who knit large wool things in the DC summer seem susceptible to spontaneous combustion, but hats are small, so providing hat-data will likely keep mad hatters alive.

If you want a hat for yourself of one of your kin, post a comment with the measurements and suggestions for style,
color, etc. Wishing won’t necessarily make it so, but it certainly improves your chances a great deal. Please measure other people’s heads while you’re at it: we reward those who encourage rank sillyness and felted-mayhem handsomely. We would particularly like to know the following cranial circumferences: Dog, Richard, Ceallagh
(each has a design waiting in the wings, but no measurement on file–tragedy!). We also accept wool donations, as outlined mmmm, heaaah: and additional design ideas.

Hey Bran, what happened to those sketches?

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