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Posted by on Wednesday, January 5th, 2005

I run through books too fast. I finished A Dog Year last night, and returned to The Star Factory, which I have been trying to savor, rather than binge on. Carson has a love of language that is absolutely decadent. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

I have also just about run through sock number one. Only the toe to close up with kitchener stitch, and then sock number two can begin. I tried on sock one and found it pleasing, though it will certainly need to be blocked, and I’m a bit put off by having a seam in the heel. But, a good first pattern nonetheless.


Heather and her husband and kids are moving to Maryland this weekend, good good good. They’ve been in Pittsburg for several years, and we all miss them terribly. My Mom is absolutely shivering with anticipation, ready to have more grandkids closer. Baltimore is much closer than Pittsburg, and has that lovely aquarium, which Talia, my octopus-loving older neice loves beyond all reason. So, many kidlets in the same place, playing together, wearing out grandparents and aunts and uncles.

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