Old Shale

Posted by on Monday, January 24th, 2005

After hemming and hawing over and frogging of a few feather and fan-like patterns, I’ve settled on this lovely version of Old Shale for Tchula’s scarf.

Frogging mohair sucks. And blows. And I made the mistake of trying to knit new-to-me lace at guild while taking Benadryl. Dumb, yes, but I’m not sure I can be held responsible for the dumbness, since I was on Benadryl when I decided to be so dumb. This is the ultimate defense. I hope the shysters credit me when they use my “Benadryl absolution” argument to get all the creeps out of trouble. Anyway, to defend myself against my own temporarily-limited brain powers, I’m actually using a stitch counter to count a three row repeat. Seriously–that’s screwed up. I can remember hundreds of lines of poetry and songs I translated with this very brain, wrinkles and all, but I can no longer count to three without mechanical aids? The end of the wit is nigh.

See this:
This is an unassuming little bit of nothing, right? Or is it the first brick in the wall, hmmmm? Well, it’s the swatch by whose (which? huh? Benadryl=dumb) shrinkage and feltage I will build Anubh’s hat pattern. And then the hat. And then the mayhem. She better keep a vigilant eye on the hat this grows into. Or maybe I should felt it into her hair–and then she can never lose it. Boy, would that make July in Virginia damnably uncomfortable for Miss Maus.

Knit Picks has this: !!! WTF? How is it possible to sell wool yarn so cheaply? Well, I don’t care how it’s possible right now. Right now, I am wavering between spending my half of the mortgage on it (and defending myself with the Benadryl absolution) and just hoping and praying that, since the KP folks have already done lost their durn minds they’ll just send me a skiff full for free. Come on guys, save me some trouble. This makes the Hat Conspiracy much more, well, frightening. When wool is expensive, my wallet slows me down enough that my hands can catch up. But this? This is throwing a wrench into the wooly works.

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