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Posted by on Saturday, January 15th, 2005

That woman who was so bad at spinning who posted the other day–I don’t know who that was. She was too scattered and distracted to be good at spinning. Me, I spun a full bobbin of good looking yarn yesterday after work. Slubby, but strong and relatively fine. I was a spinning-fool, soon to become a spinning master.


Well, that’s what I thought, at least. I now know I’m better than I thought after the hell spinning night, but not quite as good as I thought I was this morning. I was feeling rather blue, so Scott (Scooterhead, Skutai, the sudden Mongol, wonder of all bog-kind, who makes me the envy of women who wish I would cast him off so they could have a shot at him) offered to take me out to lunch in Middleburg and then take me to Hunt Country Yarns and buy me some roving.


I had heard great things about this shop but never gone in before, because when I’d looked in the window, I thought it was too needle-pointy and not yarny/spinny enough. Boy, was I glad to get in there today. Not only did they have fantastic yarn (which I dutifully almost-ignored, because I was on a mission) but they had piles of lovely roving. Some of it was too smart for me. Some that looked like candy floss. I picked out some blue faced leicester, some dark and medium coopworth, and some gorgeous variegated blue hand-dyed Lorna’s roving. And, thankfully, I chattered with Bob. Bob set me straight. My wheel is not set up correctly, needs to be tightened, and is capable of much more than I knew. Bob is the man, just like they all said he was. Bob gave me a few tasks which can be accomplished in an hour or so and don’t require me to spend any money, but will make my spinning better, faster, smoother. And, importantly, Bob taught me this before anyone other than Scott and the pets saw me spin. I now know why Kayo was looking at me like that yesterday. Damn it, why haven’t I taught the dog to speak? Anyway, I do not officially have to wear an idiot sign out there in fiber-land because I will correct this mistake before my third spell spinning on this wheel, and that is thanks to Bob. Thanks Bob. I hope someone spends a lot of money in your store today.

Spinning wrongs:

In other news, the Plaid Conspiracy has spun off into the Hat Conspiracy. Anubh is bouncing with anticipation over the hat I will make her, and then the madness will spread like that doubling breck commercial from our kidhood, except with zany wool hats covering the breck-hair.

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