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Posted by on Wednesday, January 12th, 2005

I got what I thought was a feather and fan pattern on the web and started knitting up the scarf for Tchula, but there was no feather and fan. There was only a not-particularly-interesting lace staring up at me, mocking me. And in mohair, no less, which is not fond of the frogging. So I frogged, and I apologized to my poor yarn, and then I found a different pattern which was indeed feather and fan, but really wide for a scarf. It fooled me into thinking that I had altered the pattern correctly from 58 stitches down to 46. But no, that wasn’t it. Today I must find or alter a decent pattern. Sometime soon, the winter will wake up and realize that it has been slacking, and then Tchula’s neck will feel cold. No one wants that. No, we all want her neck to be wrapped in gorgeous ink-blue mohair waves of lace. Don’t we?

In other news, I’ve ordered some yarn to begin making strange felted hats with and for friends of mine. The first will be a relatively simple cone with a needle felted design on it. And then perhaps a fez. And then, well, who knows. Certainly a witch hat at some point, but for which bright head? Hmmm. All will depend on what the sweatshop churns out. I have a feeling a clamor will build, and that I won’t keep up with the hat requests.

I also picked up a spinning wheel from Mikele, who was kind enough to loan it to me for the long haul. It was originally her aunt’s, and it’s an Ashford traditional with the double treadle. I’ve tinkered a bit but haven’t actually spun on it yet. Soon, my pretties. One of the lazy kates and a couple of the spindles were clearly delicious to something furry, so I may beg borrow or steal some woodworking tools to clean them up a bit.

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